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Here are five things everyone should do for 2021.

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Germaine Moody

Chairman & CEO Moody Capital Partners | Philanthropist | Author | Investor | Entrepreneur | Keynote Speaker

Germaine Moody is one of the most connected professionals in the world, with colleagues and business allies in all 195 countries and territories. He is a global networking event pioneer and a 3x BizBash Magazine Reader's Choice Awards "Event Producer Of The Year" nominee, seated amongst the top event producers worldwide. He is also a voting member for the GRAMMYS/Recording Academy, for the International Fashion Film Awards, and an Advisory Panel member for Bloomberg Businessweek Insight Exchange. His book "50 Seeds of Greatness" is the largest global collaboration on any book in publishing history, boasting 357 entrepreneurs, multimillionaires, serial networkers, government leaders and business professionals in 106 countries as contributors. Some of his upcoming 2021 books include "The 40 Laws of Networking", “5 Rules For Networking With Millionaires & Billionaires”, "The Power of A Black Man", and "Secrets, Strategies & Advantages of Successful People”. A conduit of greatness, game changer, idea generator and world motivator, Germaine lives with a personal mission to empower and revive the spirit of genius in all people. For business inquiries & opportunities, bookings, special invitations, press & media, contact


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