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Jessica Nutter

Digital Marketing Specialist

*Self Motivated -  I have a strict personal schedule which I adhere to daily following a morning routine inspired by the book “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

I also enjoy reading motivational books by several other entrepreneurs and following podcasts and Social Media “Lives”.

*Mindfulness - I apply mindfulness to all areas of my life including diet and exercise to manage my energy levels, my state and my productivity.

*Results driven - What matters to me is the results. I am highly results focused, rather than process focused.

*Relationship building - The years of work I have already put into building my own professional reputation has helped be to build some great professional relationships. I have achieved this by building a large professional network and maintaining those relationships.

*Events - I attend a lot of business events with my interest in Public Speaking and business networking. I often turn up very early and assist with the smooth running of the events as I like to be involved and believe this is important to build key relationships and to set a standard of authority within myself.




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