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João Fernandes


I’ve been on the move a lot.

Born and raised in a small village in Portugal, surrounded by cows, pigs and vineyards it came as a surprise when my mother told me we would both be moving to the island of Madeira, I was 7. Everything was new, we didn’t know anybody and could barely understand the local, thick accent.

Different people and unusual places, which originally were scary and brought chaos into our lives soon transformed into curiosity for what was simultaneously alien and so deeply similar. Soon thereafter curiosity became a passion, and my craving for experiencing new people and places has yet to wain.

I lived everywhere from Chile to Switzerland from Colombia to Spain and Portugal to London, where I have studied and live at the moment. I travel as often as I can.

I learnt a few languages along the way and how to communicate truthfully and respectfully. I also uncovered the magical world of filmmaking and am on a constant quest to learn how to better direct, shoot, edit and grade my stories in video format.

Recently I have Founded MUUGEN STUDIOS.



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