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About Me

Maria Oliveira

Founder. Art Director. Creative

“Everything is bold for those who don’t dare”

In 2010, graduated in Graphic Design in Coimbra, Portugal – where I currently live and work. Among the most diverse roles I play in my life, from woman to professional, being a mother is undoubtedly the most demanding, challenging, exciting and Creative one.

It was in 2012, a period when the crisis promised to steal my dreams, that I decided to be a little more stubborn, daring and went against the impossible!

I idealized and created the BLAU AGENCY, that exists and persists until today, result of lots of sacrifice, dedication and passion.

I always knew from an early age that managing my own projects and achieving creative freedom without any imposition, would be one of the main goals to be achieved in my life.


“To feel is to be distracted.”

Nicknamed catastrophic, I’m sometimes a little bit distracted in life, but very perfectionist and demanding at work. Not a day goes by without stumbling on the street, breaking something, losing my home keys or forgetting my wallet at the café… But  don’t deliver a project without guaranteeing that there are no flaws, even if it takes hours to reach perfection.

They say that “to feel is to be distracted”. And to feel is to absorb, to look at the world in a different way, to other paths and details that are not visible at first.

It is in this distraction that creativity lives … and this is where everything starts and where everything is possible.




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