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The founder of Greenan's products limited, Niall Greenan designed the smart bunker to help his Mother, who suffers from arthritis to fill a coal bucket from her coal bunker to make life a bit easier for her to heat her home. When a Coal bunker was full it was difficult to shovel out coal due to the weight from above.

People ask me what was My light bulb moment it was a lamp shade turned upside down a road cone fixed to the underside of the lamp shade placed inside a steel frame with a handle and a spring attached then filled the lamp shade with coal placed the bucket under the cone pulled the handle and filled the bucket to the required amount.
The SmartBunkerTM and its benefits soon became obvious, As to the problems it solves
› Animal Feed, Fresh Feed, Healthy Animals
› Shovel's are a thing of the past'​ The Smart Coal & Slack Storage Bunker.
› Wood Pellets stay Dry.
› Salt & Grit Protecting your property from snow and ice
› Fully tested By CARFE Collage
Their Note's no other storage method offered greater protection of produce, Than The Smart Bunker



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