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1,900,000 people lease cars in the UK.

I want to help them.

My idea:

An online car leasing platform that offers no upsells and makes 0% commission on additional options.

My thinking:

Customers prefer transparency, simply want the best deal, and don’t like being sold to.

The online platform allows dealerships to bid against each other offering BUZZ customers maximum savings on new cars and vans.
The lowest dealership offer price is shown, guaranteeing customers maximum savings on everything.

So far we’ve partnered with over 100 Dealerships across the UK and have 7000+ live deals on the website.

My goal is to continue with dealership partnerships passing all additional savings to the customer as we grow.

We’re donating 10% of all processing fees to help bee population growth.


Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Henry Ford

About Me

Simon Dodson

Founder and Director

‘Entrepreneurship is my obsession, my life.’


Founder of We Are Entrepreneurs

‘Limitless entrepreneurial collaboration’

Free for entrepreneurs to join.

Founder of Buzz Leasing

‘Honest car leasing; no up-sells, no add-ons’

10% of all processing fees are donated to bees.

Business Development Officer at Muugen Studios

‘We make dreams move to life’

Award winning video production.


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Founder of Tom & Simon’s Kitchen



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