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In everything we do, we believe in empowering Startups, SMEs and Entrepreneurs to reach for the sky and achieve their dreams.

Our team are relatable and friendly people who make our services easy to understand, prioritise efficiency in all we do through constant improvements and innovation with our clients in mind and treating each single day of work as an opportunity and duty to provide an exceptional experience to our clients.

We just happen to provide great accounting and tax services.

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Google Growth

Growth. Organic. Future.

Grow your business organically

Start ranking for keywords and experience long-term organic growth with Google.

Increase traffic to your website with wae Google Growth. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is what our team has been working on for the last 12 years – that’s the team that will be helping you. We don’t just build links. We provide Keywords Research, Website & Competitor Analysis, on page SEO, off page SEO, and backlink building.

wae Google growth will help your company scale.

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Business Plan

Analysis. Finances. Research.

Plan for Success

Prepare your business for success with a wae business plan.

No matter what the requirements may be, from business overviews to executive summaries that will effectively provide your peers with a glance at your business plans, along with your goals. We provide full market analyses and financials, with a strong structure and desirable, concise language that will attract a notable, interested audience.

A wae business plan will be the backbone for your business in the future.

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Video Production

Creative. Visual. Audio.

Unleash the Power of Video

Muugen exists to make dreams move to life. We understand that outstanding communication is
the source of all significant relationships. Be that
between two people or between a brand and its patrons. For that reason, at Muugen, we have
made it our mission to help you communicate with your audience. We create videos that embody the personality, essence and passion of our clients in a meaningful and memorable way.

We understand the power of stories, for they are the single, most powerful force in the world.

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